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Your brand selects peer influencers from the PurPics network, creating a custom audience based on region, campus, interests, and more. Need help with customer identification? Consult with our client strategy team to narrow down your targeting.


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Start Engaging 

Once your brand is matched with the most relevant peer-influencers, the PurPics team facilitates custom campaign activations – ranging from brand awareness, sampling, foot traffic, in-store sales, to survey insights and more! With your KPIs in mind, our peer-influencers are activated to drive results.


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Track your impact

Through your custom PurPics dashboard, your brand monitors and tracks real-time campaign analytics, including reach, engagement, user-generated content and more! To date, PurPics has helped brands engage with their consumers 10x more effectively than traditional Instagram influencers and paid ads. What’s in it for our peer-influencers? Every social media share results in a donation towards a cause they care about!


Higher Engagement

Case Studies

Awake Drives chocolate sales on-campus

PurPics worked with Awake Chocolate to drive increased brand awareness and sales on two target campuses. The campaigns activated 183 peer-influencers and resulted in over 200 purchases of Awake products.

Skinny Dipped Samples SNack Packs with students

PurPics activated 6 campaigns in spring 2019 to drive increased user-generated content, brand awareness, and sampling within the college community. Skinny Dipped Almonds reached thousands of students nationwide.

Brew Dr. Kombucha generates authentic UGC

PurPics partnered with Brew Dr. Kombucha in Spring 2019 to increase overall brand awareness within the college market, targeting increased Instagram user-generated content and social engagement.


“PurPics provided the Runa team a seamless and simple method to interact with their collegiate network. Through product sampling, authentic social posts, and above industry average engagement rates, PurPics over delivered on our expectations.” 

William Lane

Brand Director, RUNA

“We get good ROI from the partnership and see sales improvements when we activate. The primary benefits for us are micro-targeting capability, unique combination of relevant event activation and social activation.” 

Adam Deremo

CEO, Awake Chocolate

“PurPics not only increased our brand awareness but we gained passionate Soylent advocates. Since the campaign launched, we received over 100+ social mentions and gained 100+ authentic testimonies on how Soylent fueled students across multiple universities.”

Joanna Cornejo

Sr. Manager, Social Media & Influencer Marketing, Soylent

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