Our Story

As college students at the University of Virginia, Aneesh and Victor made a few observations about themselves and their peers. As members of the Generation Z, they were growing up in a world where they were constantly overwhelmed with information coming their way. In the midst of this “information overload,” they saw the need for a platform that provided authentic information to college students and made it easier for brands to become partners in making the world a better place. They created PurPics as a way to allow brands to reach their target audiences effectively and efficiently, while helping students reach fundraising goals, all in support of a good cause.

Our Team

Aneesh Dhawan
Aneesh DhawanCo-Founder
Victor Layne
Victor Layne Co-Founder
Banning Stiffler
Banning StifflerDirector of Networks
McKenzie Layne
McKenzie Layne Director of Client Strategy

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